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Illinois Real Estate: Continuing Education

Core B: Disclosures - To Tell or Not To Tell

All real estate licensees are governed by laws that require disclosure. Disclosure requirements are found in federal laws, state licensing laws and various other state statutes. This course provides a study of various disclosure requirements pertaining to compensation, advertising, agency relationships, and property defects.

The course offers an easy to read format that is based on hypothetical "scenarios" that reflect some of the most common disclosure dilemmas faced by today's real estate professionals. Each scenario briefly describes the "facts of the case," so that you can imagine yourself in the shoes of the main characters. Then, we help you to understand the answers to three key questions:

  • What is the central issue?
  • What does the law say about the central issue?
  • How does the law apply?

Each of these scenarios will leave you with a better understanding of your obligations as a real estate licensee. You'll learn to reduce your risk of disciplinary actions while building positive relationships with the public.

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