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Our Illinois insurance license courses are exactly what you need to
meet your insurance pre-licensing education requirements.

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From start-to-finish support and engaging, comprehensive courses to training at a comfortable pace, we ensure meticulous attention to all topics outlined in the state exams. Start your career with our expert-led insurance exam prep – because at Real Estate Institute, we believe in brighter courses for a brighter future!


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Why Choose Our Programs

Our experienced instructors, class facilitators, and student support team set us apart. We are here to help you every step of the way toward your Life and Health license, Property and Casualty license, or both.

  • Includes a Free Digital and Hard-Copy Textbook
  • Feel Prepared to Pass the State Exam the First Time
  • Benefit From Live Training Sessions - In-Person or Online Webinar

License Requirements

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State Requirements for Illinois Insurance Agents

  1. Licensing candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Complete at least 20 hours of pre-licensing education for each major type (line of authority) of insurance you wish to sell. At least 7 ½ hours must be completed in a webinar or classroom setting.
  3. Pass a state licensing exam for each desired line of authority.

A Career in Insurance

Career Growth at Real Estate Institute

A Career in Insurance

Our Illinois insurance license courses are exactly what you need to meet your insurance pre-licensing education requirements. With experienced instructors and practice exams, we provide you with the knowledge to pass the Illinois insurance licensing exams. Live classes and online courses are available to fit anyone’s demanding schedule.

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Here's what our students are saying...


Who needs an insurance producer license in Illinois?

In general, a person must be licensed as an insurance producer before doing any of the following activities in exchange for compensation:

  • Selling insurance.
  • Encouraging someone to purchase insurance.
  • Negotiating the terms or conditions of an insurance product.
  • Advising about insurance products.

This includes but isn't limited to people who want to work as insurance agents or insurance brokers.

What are the necessary qualifications to obtain an insurance producer license?

To become licensed as an Illinois insurance producer, a person must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Complete the required pre-license education.
  • Pass the applicable state exams.
  • Pay the applicable licensing fees.
  • Have a level of character acceptable to the Department of Insurance (DOI).

Are special courses required to become an Illinois insurance producer?

Yes. In general, a state-approved 20-hour pre-license course must be completed for EACH major type of insurance (known as a "line of authority") that a person plans to sell. The four major lines of authority in Illinois include life, health, property and casualty.

Can I complete insurance pre-license courses online or via self-study?

The Illinois Insurance Code requires that at least 7 ½ hours of each 20-hour pre-license course be conducted in an in-person or webinar setting. The remaining 12 ½ hours of each course can be completed in a self-study format.

Are Real Estate Institute's insurance pre-license courses approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance?

Yes. Real Estate Institute is an approved provider of insurance pre-license education. Courses are designed to satisfy all pre-license requirements.

Illinois Department of Insurance Approved Provider #102877.

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