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We understand your needs for continuing legal education and are dedicated to providing practical, skill-based CLE you can use in your everyday practice.

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Illinois Attorney CLE Requirements:

  • 30 credit hours, with a minimum of six hours of professional responsibility credit, that must include the following subject matter:
    • A minimum of one hour on diversity/inclusion
    • A minimum of one hour on mental health/substance abuse
  • Attorneys must report compliance to the MCLE Board every two years by June 30.
  • Newly-admitted attorneys are exempt from the 30-hour requirement but must complete an alternate set of coursework.

For additional details, please review our FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

IL Attorney Continuing Legal Education

Is Real Estate Institute an approved provider of Illinois MCLE?

Yes. The Illinois MCLE Board has approved Real Estate Institute as an Accredited CLE Provider. As a result, CLE programs offered by Real Estate Institute are presumptively approved for general MCLE credits. Any courses offered for professional responsibility or ethic credit are separately approved by the Commission on Professionalism of the Supreme Court of Illinois.

How many hours of continuing legal education (CLE) are required for Illinois attorneys?

Illinois Supreme Court Rules 790 through 797 establish Minimum Continuing Legal Education ("MCLE") requirements for Illinois attorneys. Each attorney admitted before October 1, 2011 is required to complete 30 hours of CLE activity, including 6 hours of professional responsibility credit, during the current two-year reporting period in effect in Illinois. Hours need not be allocated evenly over the two-year reporting period.

Please see the chart below for your requirement:

Last Names Beginning with N-Z

  • 2-Yr Reporting Period Begins:  7/1/2021 through 6/30/2023
  • CLE Required: 30 Hours

Last Names Beginning with A-M

  • 2-Yr Reporting Period Begins:  7/1/2020 through 6/30/2022
  • CLE Required: 30 Hours

Is there a Professional Responsibility/Ethics CLE requirement?

Yes. Attorneys are required a total of six (6) Professional Responsibility ("PR") credits. For all two-year reporting periods ending June 30, 2019, and after, those six PR credits must include a minimum of one hour of accredited Mental Health & Substance Abuse and another hour of Diversity & Inclusion. 

May I carry over CLE hours from one reporting period to the next?

Yes. If you were admitted before July 1, 2008, you may carry over a maximum of 10 credit hours; however professional responsibility hours carry over as general hours. These 10 hours may be carried over only to satisfy the next consecutive period’s requirements.

If you were admitted on or after July 1, 2008, you may carry over a maximum of 10 credit hours, including professional responsibility hours. These 10 hours may be carried over only to satisfy the next consecutive period’s requirements.

How do I earn credit for one of your online CLE courses?

Once you enroll in an online CLE course, you will receive a username and password that provides access the online presentation(s) and written course materials. After viewing the course in its entirety, you must submit an affidavit of course completion to Real Estate Institute.

The affidavit may be submitted online, at which time you will be required to state that you have viewed the entire presentation as of the date of submission. All affidavits must be submitted to Real Estate Institute within thirty (30) days of course completion. Once we receive the affidavit, we will process the information and issue a certificate of completion for the course within two (2) business days. Certificates of completion will be delivered to attorneys by e-mail.

How can I report my MCLE compliance to the Illinois MCLE Board?

To report your MCLE compliance, visit the IL MCLE Board's website by clicking here. For additional information on how to report, click here

As an Illinois attorney, what must I do to prove that I satisfied my MCLE requirements?

As required by the IL MCLE Board Rules, attorneys must maintain their own certificates of attendance (or other proof of MCLE compliance) for a minimum of 3 after their reporting period. At the end of the designated reporting period, attorneys must report whether they have complied with MCLE rules, have not complied with MCLE rules, or were exempt from MCLE rules. Before the end of the attorney's two-year reporting period, the IL MCLE Board will mail attorneys a reminder/form of their upcoming deadline to the address on file with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC). Each attorney who is not exempt is responsible for filing their reporting form with the Board or completing the online form via the IL MCLE Board's website, even if the attorney does not receive the form by mail.


Newly admitted attorneys admitted on or after October 1, 2011, are required to report to the MCLE Board by the last day of the month which occurs one year after they have been admitted to practice law in Illinois.


Individual attorneys should not mail, email, or fax their certificates of attendance or other MCLE-related documentation to the MCLE Board unless they are notified by the Board that they are being audited. 

What happens if an attorney fails to submit an MCLE certification or otherwise fails to complete the required CLE?

If an attorney fails to report their compliance, non-compliance, or out-of-state exemption by July 31 to the Board of their reporting year, the attorney is automatically granted a grace period extension until September 30. However, the attorney will still be responsible for a $250.00 late fee. This fee cannot be waived. For more information, please click here to be directed to the IL MCLE Board's FAQ regarding failure to report.


When an attorney fails to report their compliance by September 30, the Director will refer the said attorney to the ARDC for "failure to report". This is also the case if any fees the attorney is responsible for are not paid by September 30. The ARDC will then send a notice which will specify the date on which the ARDC will be authorized to remove said attorney's name from the Master Roll of Attorneys for non-compliance. For more information on failing to report by September 30, please click here to be directed to the IL MCLE Board's FAQ regarding failure to report past the grace period.


This information has been sourced from the IL MCLE Board's website in accordance with the IL Supreme Court Rule 796.

Are certain attorneys exempt from the MCLE requirements?

Yes. You may be completely exempt from the MCLE requirements if you meet an exemption on the last day of the reporting period or for at least 365 days of the period . You are able to claim a partial exemption of half of the CLE required hours, if you meet an exemption for more than 60 days during the reporting period but less than 365 days. The exemptions are:

  • Inactive or Retired: All attorneys while on inactive or retirement status under Supreme Court Rules 756(a)(5) or (a)(6). If an attorney chooses to return to active status, the attorney must complete the deferred CLE requirement within 24 months of resuming active status. (Rule 791(e).)
  • Disability Inactive: All attorneys on disability inactive status under Supreme Court Rules 757 or 758. If an attorney chooses to return to active status, the attorney must complete the deferred CLE requirement (Rule 791(e).)
  • Judicial: All attorneys serving in the office of justice, judge, associate judge, or magistrate of any federal or state court.
  • Certain Attorneys Working or Employed in the State or Federal Judiciary: All attorneys who by virtue of their office or employment in the state or federal judiciary, are prohibited by the Supreme Court of Illinois or the federal judiciary from actively engaging in the practice of law.
  • Military: All attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois who are on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States, until their release from active military service and their return to the active practice of law.
  • Out-of-State: Certain out-of-state attorneys are exempt if they meet specific exemption requirements.
  • MCLE Board Exempted: Attorneys exempted temporarily by the MCLE Board due to extreme hardship in the form of illness, financial hardship, or other extraordinary or extenuating circumstances beyond the attorney’s control.

May I earn credit for CLE courses that I have completed in the past?

Yes, but Illinois attorneys may not earn credit for the same course within one year (365 days). Credit may be earned for the same course after one year has passed.

What are the technical requirements for viewing your online, on-demand courses?

Our recorded audio/video presentations require a high-speed internet connection and are compatible with most modern web browsers on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.

The presentations may also be played on some small-screen mobile devices (like smartphones), but we strongly discourage use of these devices because your playback experience can be affected by device limitations.

You are not required to load special apps or other software components.

Can I download recorded presentations and view them while my computer is "offline"?

No. Our presentations are online, on-demand presentations that may only be viewed while your computer or mobile device is connected to the internet

How can I obtain more information about Illinois MCLE requirements?

For additional information, please visit the frequently asked questions section of the IL MCLE Board website by clicking here.

If I am a licensed attorney in Illinois, do I need to complete Pre-License education to obtain an Illinois Real Estate Broker License?

No.  If you are at least 18 years of age and are admitted to practice law by the Illinois Supreme Court, you are exempt for having to complete any real estate pre-license education.  You must still pass a state exam before applying for the license.

How do I apply to take the State examination to obtain an Illinois Real Estate Broker license?

All qualifying attorneys must complete an Illinois Real Estate Examination Registration form along with providing a photocopy of their ARDC card. This form can be e-mailed to PSI at the provided address in the form.

 To access this form in the PSI Candidate Handbook, please click here and refer to page 21. For further questions about the exam, please contact PSI directly at (855) 340-3893 or

If I am a newly-admitted attorney, how many hours of continuing legal education ("CLE") do I have to complete?

All newly-admitted attorneys ("NAA") have specific MCLE requirements different from the regular two-year reporting periods. Please refer to the IL MCLE Board's website by clicking here to determine if you are exempt from these rules.

For NAAs who are not exempt:

  1. Complete an accredited Basic Skills Course or enroll in a mentoring program approved by the Commission on Professionalism by your specified deadline (which Real Estate Institute does not offer)
  2. Complete additional hours of approved CLE credit to total 15 hours, which includes any amount of Professional Responsibility (PR) credit by your specified deadline
  3. Report your compliance to the IL MCLE Board by your reporting deadline. Additional information can be found by clicking here.

For more information regarding NAA requirements, please click here to be directed to the IL MCLE Board's website.

The abbreviated information provided in this post has been sourced from the IL MCLE Board website

The amount of CLE credits reflect the maximum amount of credit that can be earned.
Only actual attendance or participation earns credit. MCLE Rule 795(e)(6).