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Illinois Real Estate: Continuing Education

Frequently Asked Questions

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Illinois Real Estate Continuing Education FAQs
General    (click an item to see more info)
  1. Are Real Estate Institute's courses approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)?
    Yes. Real Estate Institute offers continuing education programs that are approved by the IDFPR and have been specifically designed to satisfy license renewal requirements.
    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  2. Will the school report my credit to the IDFPR upon successful completion of my course(s)?
    Yes. Real Estate Institute reports all successful course completions to the appropriate regulatory authority. We report electronically (when permitted) to ensure timely and accurate reporting.
    Last Updated: 12/23/2010
  3. What is the school's refund policy?
    School policies, including our refund policy can be viewed here.
    Last Updated: 12/23/2010
Illinois Real Estate Managing Brokers    (click an item to see more info)
  1. Are Managing Brokers required to complete continuing education?

    Yes. Managing Brokers licensed by the IDFPR are required to complete 24 credit hours of continuing education. This includes 12 credit hours of core and elective CE plus a 12-hour Broker Management CE course (mandatory interactive course).

    NOTE: During the current renewal period, some licensees may be exempt from the continuing education requirement. See #6 for more information.

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  2. By what date are Managing Brokers required to complete the continuing education requirement?

    Continuing education must be completed before license renewal. Managing Brokers renew every two years by April 30 (in odd years).

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  3. I'm not active in Real Estate; do I have to take continuing education?

    Yes. To renew your license you must satisfy your continuing education prior to renewal. Although you may be inactive in the real estate business, you are not exempt from the requirement (if you intend to renew your license).

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  4. I'm licensed as a Managing Broker, but I'm currently sponsored by another licensee and not the managing broker of my office. Am I still required to complete the Broker Management CE course?

    Yes. All Managing Broker licensees are subject to this education requirement.

    NOTE: During the current renewal period, some licensees may be exempt from the continuing education requirement. See #6 for more information.

    Last Updated: 5/1/2015
  5. Is there a process for me to "step down" from Managing Broker to Broker?

    As a Managing Broker, you can certainly allow another licensee to sponsor your license so that you can act in the capacity of a Broker (without any management or supervisory responsibilities).

    License law provides an option for you to return your license to the IDFPR in exchange for a Broker’s license. In order to transfer your license, you must complete the Managing Broker to Broker Transfer Application and pay the associated fees. This form is available online at the IDFPR website.

    Last Updated: 5/1/2015
  6. Are any Managing Broker licensees exempt from completing the continuing education requirements?
    There are some cases in which a licensee may not be required to complete the full continuing education requirement.
    • Managing Broker licensees who have held their license for less than three months prior to the expiration date are exempt from continuing education for their first renewal. This applies to core, elective, and Broker Management CE.
    • Managing Broker licensees who completed the 45 credit-hour Managing Broker pre-license curriculum during the current license renewal period are exempt from the Broker Management continuing education requirement. These licensees are still required to complete 12 credit hours of core and elective continuing education.
    • All attorneys who are currently registered to practice law in Illinois are exempt from the continuing education requirement, but must submit the required renewal fee and application to the IDFPR.
    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  7. Can I complete my entire 24-hour continuing education requirement via self-study?

    The IDFPR requires each Managing Broker to complete 12 credit hours of core and elective CE, which may be completed via self-study, and 12 hours of interactive Broker Management CE. The Broker Management course cannot be done via self-study and requires attendance in an interactive course (either in person or via live webinar).

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  8. Is a Broker Management continuing education course required?

    Yes. In addition to the core and elective continuing education requirement, Managing Broker licensees are also required to complete a 12-hour interactive Broker Management continuing education course.

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  9. Do you have a list of classes I can choose from?

    Yes. You can review our live Broker Management class schedule or create your own schedule if you choose our flex webinar program. You will satisfy the core/elective requirement with our convenient self-study program.

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  10. What is the Flex webinar program? How is it different than live class?

    Unlike a live class where you need to spend two full days at a specific location, our Flex webinar program gives students the opportunity to complete the interactive Broker Management CE requirement more conveniently. You can participate in this fully interactive online course anywhere you have Internet access; from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Our Flex webinar program is the perfect option for busy professionals who need a flexible schedule. Learn more.

    Last Updated: 5/1/2015
  11. Do I need a webcam or microphone in order to attend the Flex webinar program?

    No. A webcam and microphone are not required; all you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone that has internet connectivity and speakers to be able to attend. You’ll be able to see the instructor on your screen but the instructor will not see you. You can communicate with the instructor by simply typing messages to which he/she will read and respond.

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  12. What's included in the self-study portion of your continuing education program for Managing Brokers?

    Our self-study program includes our course book, sample questions (in the book), online practice tests, and proctored final examination. Our programs have no hidden fees!

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  13. Do I need to review the book for the self-study course if I have completed this course in the past?

    Yes. The books and topics may look very similar but they are not the same. The content is updated to reflect the most recent changes in the law, rules of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and current business practices. Course books are included with your course tuition, so don't worry about incurring any extra fees.

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  14. Does continuing education require an examination?

    All state-approved real estate continuing education self-study courses require a final examination that must be proctored by an impartial third party. Courses approved for interactive delivery via live class or webinar do not require a final examination.

    Last Updated: 1/10/2018
  15. What happens if I fail the final examination?

    You should have no problem passing the final exams exams for self-study courses, as long as you review our course materials. Our materials include online and printed practice questions. A score of 70% or higher is required by to pass. On the rare occasion that someone does not pass, one retake of the exam is allowed on a different day.

    Last Updated: 1/10/2018
  16. Where can I go to take the self-study portion of the examination?

    The state requires that you take an examination proctored by an impartial third party. Online and paper-based exams are available. We offer exams daily at our headquarters in Niles, IL as well as at various locations throughout the Chicago suburbs. To initiate an online exam with your own proctor or take a paper-based exam at one of Real Estate Institute’s testing sites, login on our website to initiate the process. Paper-based exams may also be arranged if you reside outside of our local proctoring areas; to request a paper-based exam, please call the school.

    Last Updated: 9/4/2015
  17. Can I choose my own proctor for a final examination?

    Yes, upon enrollment, login to our website with your username and password to begin the process. You may not proctor your own exam. Proctors may not be related by blood or marriage to the student or enrolled in the same course as the student. Illinois Real Estate Licensees (Leasing Agents, Broker, and Managing Brokers) may not proctor for their sponsoring or managing broker. The proctor may not be enrolled in the same course for which he or she is proctoring. The school may disapprove of a proctor for other reasons and retains the right to terminate our relationship with an approved proctor at any time for any reason.

    Last Updated: 9/4/2015
  18. What happens if a Managing Broker forgets to complete the continuing education requirement and renew the license? Can it be completed late?

    Yes. Illinois permits late completion of your continuing education requirement (in conjunction with a late renewal of your license). Just let us know that you're completing "late CE." We'll report your completion to the IDFPR and also provide an embossed copy of your Certificate of Completion that you should include with your late license renewal paperwork and fees (which will be sent to the IDFPR for processing).

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
  19. I just became licensed as a Managing Broker; do I need continuing education?

    Managing Broker licensees who have held their license for less than three months prior to the expiration date are exempt from continuing education for their first renewal.

    This applies only to licensees who first obtained their license between February 1 and April 30 of odd numbered years, if their license expires on April 30th of that same year in which it eas first issued.

    Last Updated: 5/1/2015
  20. I am currently licensed in another state and applied for my Illinois license using the Illinois Reciprocity Application. Do I need to comply with Illinois' continuing education requirement (or only my home state's requirement)?

    All Illinois licensees must complete the Illinois continuing education requirement during each two-year license renewal period regardless if you hold reciprocal licenses in multiple states.

    Last Updated: 11/18/2014
Real Estate Institute is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
IDFPR Approved #562.000161.