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Sexual Harassment Prevention for IDFPR Licensees

Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Real Estate Institute is an IDFPR-Approved CE training provider offering sexual harassment prevention for Illinois licensed professionals. The informative one-hour course we offer fulfills the regulated requirements by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and covers all the mandatory topics under the Workplace Transparency Act.

Why us?  We are Illinois compliance experts!

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  • We make it easy for you to meet your requirement
  • Our course was designed to satisfy the standards required by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)
  • Convenient, self-paced online learning
  • Our end-of-course reporting provides evidence of your completion, making it easy for you to demonstrate compliance with the IDFPR requirement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Sexual Harassment Prevention CE for IDFPR-Licensed Professionals

This is my first time renewing my Illinois license – do I need to complete the 1 hour of sexual harassment prevention training CE prior to license renewal?

For many professions licensed under the IDFPR, individuals are not required to complete CE before their first renewal, in which case you do not have to complete sexual harassment prevention training CE during your first renewal.

However, if your profession requires CE during your first renewal, you must complete this training before renewal.

Is this the same training that Illinois employers are required to provide their employees?

The IDFPR requirement for licensed professionals is different than the new requirement impacting all Illinois employers.

Public Act 101-0221 recently amended the Illinois Human Rights Act ("IHRA") with a requirement for all Illinois employers to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training by December 31, 2020 and annually thereafter.  To satisfy this requirement, employers may use their own sexual harassment prevention training program that meets or exceeds the minimum standards outlined in Section 2-109(B) and/or Section 2-110(C) of IHRA.  See the IDHR's Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the employer requirement.

Real Estate Institute's sexual harassment prevention training course meets the minimum requirements for both training requirements. If you represent an employer seeking a suitable training course for your employees, please contact us about our company-wide solutions.

My profession requires 20 hours of CE. Does this new requirement mean I will need to complete 21 hours?

No, the sexual harassment prevention training CE requirement can be included in the number of CE hours already required for your profession.

However, newly licensed real estate broker must complete post-license curriculum that was designed before this sexual harassment prevention training was required.  Therefore, the IDFPR Division of Real Estate is requiring you to complete an additional hour of training (available here).

How do I document that I completed the sexual harassment prevention training CE? Will I have to send proof that I completed the course to the Department?

Like all other CE you must receive a Certificate of Completion and retain it for your records. The Certificate must include information such as the number of hours completed, the name of the sponsor or provider, and the date the CE was completed.

You will not need to provide a Certificate if you renew on time, but you may be asked to confirm that you have completed the training. You may need to provide a Certificate if you renew late, need to restore or reinstate an expired license, or if you are included in a CE audit.

I received sexual harassment awareness training from my employer. Does that count?

Only if your employer is an accepted or approved CE provider, and if you received a CE Certificate for the training. Please check with your employer to see if they qualify.

Is this a one-time requirement or I will have to take this training again?

Sexual harassment prevention training will be required for every renewal after January 1, 2020.

My license is in ‘Inactive’, ’Not-Renewed’ or ’Suspended’ status. Will I need to complete sexual harassment prevention training to restore or reinstate my license?

Yes, to restore, reinstate or reactivate your license after January 1, 2020, you must complete the training if your profession requires CE. The sexual harassment prevention training can be included in the number of hours required to reactive your license.

My profession does not require CE to renew. Do I have to complete sexual harassment prevention training to renew my license?

No, if your profession does not require CE you are not required to complete the training.

I have multiple licenses issued by IDFPR. Will I have to take multiple courses?

No, you may use one course to satisfy this requirement for multiple licenses.

I have completed the Domestic Violence CE course required under the Barber, Cosmetology Act. Does that course satisfy this requirement?

No, unless that course also covered the topic of sexual harassment prevention.

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