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Frequently Asked Questions

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IL Real Estate Pre-License - Instructor

Who is required to be licensed as a real estate instructor in Illinois?

Anyone who teaches state-approved real estate pre-licensing or continuing education courses in Illinois must be licensed as a real estate instructor.

What are the education requirements for individuals who want to teach state-approved real estate courses?

The requirements depend on whether the instructor candidate wants to teach pre-licensing or continuing education courses.

For pre-licensing courses, individuals must complete a 12-hour instructor training program. For continuing education courses, a 6-hour "development" program may be required. The 6-hour requirement for continuing education instructors is waived for individuals who have completed the 12-hour training program.

Does Real Estate Institute offer state-approved courses for Illinois real estate instructors?

Yes. Real Estate Institute offers instructor development programs approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

Can I complete the instructor development courses via self-study or must I attend live classes?

Our instructor development courses are available via self-study. We provide you with access to online, on-demand recorded presentations that allow you to earn credit without attending classes in person.

In addition to completing the required courses, must instructors pass a state examination?

Pre-license instructors are required to pass a 150-question, multiple-choice examination with a score of at least 75%. The state exam consists of national real estate topics and Illinois-specific information and is very similar to the licensing exam for Illinois Real Estate Brokers.

Continuing education instructors are not required to pass a state exam.

Are there any other requirements for individuals who wish to become licensed to teach pre-license courses?

Yes. A pre-licensing instructor must have at least one of the following qualificaitons:

  • Be a currently licensed broker or managing broker
  • Be an Illinois-admitted attorney
  • Have an adequate background in teaching or real estate.

An instructor candidate's qualifications must be submitted to the IDFPR along with fees, application and proof of course completions.

Are there any other requirements for individuals who wish to become licensed to teach continuing education courses?

Continuing education instructors must have adequate professional or educational experience. Some examples of candidates with adequate professional or educational experience are:

  • An individual who has been licensed and active as a real estate broker for at least 3 years.
  • An admitted attorney who has done work related to real estate for at least 3 years.
  • A properly credentialed real estate instructor who has taught for at least 3 years.
  • A licensed or certified professional who has worked in the business of appraisal, finance or another field related to real estate for at least 3 years.

Other candidates may be acceptable to the IDFPR depending on experience, education, a personal interview and the recommendations of the Education Advisory Council.

Upon review of the candidates credentials, the IDFPR may issue a license that qualifies the instuctor to teach all state-approved CE Courses OR a license that is "restricted" to only a specific course or topic.

As a licensed instructor, will my license need to be sponsored by a company or school (similar to a Broker license)?

No. Instructors can choose to be affiliated with one specific school or work independently, teaching courses for many schools that are approved to offer state-approved pre-license and/or continuing education courses.

Do I need two separate licenses if I want to teach pre-licensing courses and continuing education courses?

Yes. Individuals who wish to teach both kinds of courses must have both of the required state licenses.

Is a real estate instructor's Illinois license valid in other states?

No. Licenses issued by the IDFPR specifically authorize instructors to teach courses for schools with courses approved by the IDFPR. Each state has unique requirements, so check with the appropriate state regulatory agency to determine requirements on a state-by-state basis.